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Building a people’s satellite – Part 1
Pre-Cinema Toys
Pre-Cinema toys was a 10 day course which looked at the origins of modern images.. The participants started by making their own cameras and exploring [...]
(Art)ScienceBLR was invited to participate in Innofest 2015 in Bangalore to showcase work and to conduct workshops. Innofest was a one day festival [...]
Plants and op-amps
Cyanotype workshop @KHOJ International Artist Association
Cyanotype workshop conducted at KHOJ as a part of the Undivided Mind residency. Setting up the portable community darkroom
Dusjagr – Resident @ (Art)ScienceBLR
Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller (dusjagr) is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He works in an [...]
MicroRobotics Workshop
The Extreme places and Extending Senses group conducted a microrobotics workshop for children as a part of their mobile lab project.
Talk by Georg Kettele
Georg Kettele is an Austrian designer who was at the (Art)Science lab for a talk. Some of his work can be found at unitedeverything    
Talk by Andrej Boleslavsky
Andrej Boleslavsky is a Interaction designer and new media artist who is currently working as an artist and researcher for CIANT – International Centre for [...]
AntiDrone Workshop
Workshop on evading drones
Attiny85 workshop by dusjagr
Attiny 85 is a small programmable microcontroller by Atmel. The Attiny 85 can be programmed using an arduino board. The first part of the workshop [...]
State of Our Environment
This workshop will be conducted by the (Art)ScienceBLR at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. In this workshop, we will look at different [...]
Light+Atmosphere to image machine
Open pinhole camera making workshop at the (Art)ScienceBLR lab attended by a few of the film department faculty of Srishti and people from outside Srishti. [...]
DIY Microscopy Workshop for Teachers
A workshop for teachers from CERTAD introducing them to DIY webcam microscopes. The workshop included walks to Putenahalli Lake,
(Art)ScienceBLR at HacteriaLAB2014
HackteriaLab 2014 was a creative development and research phase in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where a highly interdisciplinary and multicultural group [...]
Science for poets
Imagine a science lab run by artists and designers. Science for poets was a course offered to the students of Srishti Schoool of Art, Design and [...]
Interactive Textiles Workshops
This is a collection of work we’ve done in wearables/interactive textiles. Interactive Textiles at Srishti in 2010 Course Blog and I Sing The Body [...]
Ecstatic Electronics
Ecstatic electronics was an 8 day course introducing students at Srishti to the basics of electronics. Work stations They were introduced to the basics of [...]
Exhibition/Workshop/Talks at the Science Gallery in Dublin
(Art)ScienceBLR as invited to participate in GROW YOUR OWN, at Science Gallery, Dublin. The exhibit was titled ‘Teen Gene Poems’. Teen Gene [...]
Ron Schneider – Resident at (Art)ScienceBLR
Ron Schneider is a self taught artist exploring the correlation between sound and technology. Based in Berlin, he works as a music producer, [...]
Niki Neecke – resident @ (Art)ScienceBLR
Niki Neecke works as a freelancer in Sound design, Composing and Production of music for Silent Movies, Video installations, Fashion shows, Lectures and [...]
HackteriaLAB 2013, Bangalore
HackteriaLAB 2013 was an international festival for artsciences and was hosted jointly by SRISHTI and NCBS. The highly regarded festival was attended by [...]
MetaMap website
Autonomous Public Laboratories
The APL is a prototype for a people’s research Laboratory. It is a mobile community laboratory for “outsiders” to engage with the rituals and [...]
Synthetic Biology
GFP protocol, mutant worms and other organisms grown at (Art)ScienceBLR Observing C. Elegans Observations for iGEM 2010 e. coli expressing GFP Protocol [...]
Center for Genomic Gastronomy – Resident at (Art)ScienceBLR
  The Center for Genomic Gastronomy Is an artist-led think tank that examines the biotechnologies and biodiversity of human food systems. It was [...]
Citizen Cartography
Mapping neighborhoods using balloon mapping. Using hydrogen/helium balloons, a camera is sent up from the center of the area which is to be mapped. The [...]
Searching for the Ubiquitous Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM 2011)
In Synthetic Biology, the Biobrick has been used as an abstraction or template for creating standardized functional parts. This year’s [...]
Open Source Lab Wetware
DIY OPEN WETWARE Incubator Handheld centrifuge Jugaad GFP protocol ReacTable