Attiny85 workshop by dusjagr

April 7, 2015 - Electronics, Workshop
Attiny85 workshop by dusjagr


Attiny 85 is a small programmable microcontroller by Atmel. The Attiny 85 can be programmed using an arduino board. The first part of the workshop comprised of building the attiny programming shield to be used with the Arduino uno.

attiny presentationIntroduction to the Attiny85 microcontroller by dusjagr 


attiny programmer Schematic for the shield. The Shield used pins 7-13 and +5V – ground of of the arduino.


attiny soldering

Soldering the shield


attiny finished

Completed shield to fit on the uno.

The next part of the workshop focused on using the attiny through simple programs.

To use the attiny, the first step was to install attiny support for arduino softeware.

The installation files can be found here – and here –

After copying the files in the folder, the software should give the option of Attiny 85/45/etc under boards.

After installing the support for attiny, the next step is to program the arduino uno to be used as an isp programmer.

arduino isp

Once this programme is uploaded, with the shield in place, the attiny 85 can be programmed.


attiny questions

Dusjagr’s guide with sample codes can be found here –


attiny blink and fade

Simple blink and fade program.


attiny pov crop

5 LED persistence of vision (POV)  programmed with the attiny 85

Other interesting attiny 85 project resources online

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