Field Trip – Maldives
In April 2017, we continued working on Ecosystem Songs on Maafushi Island in the Maldives. This is our third data collection point in the Indian Ocean. [...]
Songs of the Swamp
This summer we worked with The Indian Sonic Research Organisation and the Earth Co.Lab . Earth Co Lab is developing a Swamp Song machine using [...]
Plants and op-amps
MetaMap website
Autonomous Public Laboratories
The APL is a prototype for a people’s research Laboratory. It is a mobile community laboratory for “outsiders” to engage with the rituals and [...]
Synthetic Biology
GFP protocol, mutant worms and other organisms grown at (Art)ScienceBLR Observing C. Elegans Observations for iGEM 2010 e. coli expressing GFP Protocol [...]
Open Source Lab Wetware
DIY OPEN WETWARE Incubator Handheld centrifuge Jugaad GFP protocol ReacTable