OfficeTalk #01: Machines in the Field
MACHINES IN THE FIELD Thursday 01/February/2024 3:00 p.m ArtScienceBLR, Rooha 103, Srishti Manipal Institute,MAHE Bangalore. We are delighted to invite you [...]
Introduction to Computational Sound
Two-week intensive workshop on programming and composing with Csound at Art Science BLR. Csound is a sound and music computing system which was originally [...]
Open Workshop: Discover your Voice
The voice is perhaps the most fascinating of all instruments as it is the only one which is a fundamental part of our physical selves, and every single [...]
round pinhole photo
Open Workshop: Build Your Own Camera
We started the workshop with a small presentation and discussion about the camera obscura, which was the basis of photography as we know it today. Camera [...]