Open Workshop: Building Community Wireless Networks

January 11, 2019 - Saturday open lab, Workshop
Open Workshop: Building Community Wireless Networks

Join us on Thursday, January 17th, for our next Open Workshop: Building Community Wireless Networks.

This workshop aims to build a community wireless network in a simplified way. It seeks to enable each participant to handle hardware, software and networking to build a wireless network in urban and rural environments.The vast field of wireless communication will be optimised as simple practical steps for participants from both technological & non-technological backgrounds.

The workshop will have both individual and group sessions to conceive, design and execute wireless networks for non-internet and internet based communications. A special session will cover live audio and video communication over wireless networks without internet. The participants will experience this process in a hands-on way to understand how all aspects of wireless communication work.

The workshop is ideal for participants who would like to reclaim communication systems from corporate control and bring it back to their local communities.

The fees for this workshop is ₹ 1,500. This is inclusive of all materials and light refreshments.
Please write to us for student, faculty and other discounts.

The workshop will be limited to 20 participants.

To register, write to us at



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