Tissue Engineering

February 22, 2008 - Classes
Tissue Engineering

(Art)ScienceBLR,  Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and the National Centre for Biological Sciences, in collaboration with The Arts Catalyst and SymbioticA, organised an intensive five-day workshop for artists, students and other interested people. The workshop was led by SymbioticA’s Director Oron Catts and his scientific collaborator Greg Cozens from the University of Western Australia.

This hands-on workshop demonstrated the tools of modern biology through artistic engagement, which in turn gives voice to the broader philosophical and ethical exploration into the extent of human intervention with other living things. It involved exploration of biological technologies and issues stemming from their use, and serves as a theoretical and practical introduction to the creation of biological art and is aimed at educating artists from India about issues of biotechnology and the life sciences.

The workshop covered hands-on engagement with these technologies in order to be able to carry out and critique manipulation of living systems from an informed practical perspective. The practical components include DNA extraction and fingerprinting, genetic engineering, plant and animal tissue culture and basic tissue engineering techniques.

The workshop presented work of contemporary artists dealing with biotechnology. Scientists were involved discussing ethical issues raised by artists’ work in this area and leading visit to NCBS laboratories. At the end of the week, the ideas explored in the workshop were be opened out with a public discussion event.







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