Arduino Summer School

April 25, 2016 - Electronics, Robotics, Workshop

Arduino Summer School (Art)ScienceBLR Arduino Summer School is a two week long gentle introduction to the world of micro-controller programming and electronics for high school students. By building robots, musical instruments and other fun toys we will explore and gain a deeper understanding of electronics and computers. No prior knowledge of technology is assumed for this summer camp. Mathphobia and fear of complex looking things is an added advantage not a hindrance. Starting with simple machines, we will progress towards building complex instruments including functional scientific instruments and see how we can use them to explore the world around us. The workshop started out with a gentle introduction to the electronics. The participants were taught to solder, make basic connections, switch circuits and even made their own vibration bots. Soldering IMG_20160425_154231

bot jam! #arduino #summercamp #robotics #day1 #artscienceblr

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The participants were then introduced to the Arduino. Arduino

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playing around with the transistor touch switch. #transistor #touch #switches #artscienceblr A video posted by (Art)ScienceBLR (@artscienceblr) on

  Workshop mode   arduino project Arduino robot arduino summer project arduino summer project arduino summer project

Arduino project underway. #arduino #summerschool #artscienceblr #bangalore #robot

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